Watch Expo Newport Beach is proud to announce their new relationship with Chronoswiss. If you have any questions regarding the Chronoswiss collection, please stop by Watch Expo Newport Beach.

Here is some information regarding Chronoswiss.

Chronoswiss at Watch Expo

From the very beginning, our high quality mechanical “Swiss Made” timepieces have been manufactured with components from selected Swiss suppliers only. Many of our models feature exclusive manufacture movements. Above all, the love for even the smallest detail and the passion for technical precision make our watches so special.

Being among the pioneers of the renaissance of mechanical timepieces, we are one of the few watch brands using only mechanical movements ever since. Visually, Chronoswiss watches are always recognizable by certain unmistakable design features, such as the characteristic onion-style crown. Other prominent attributes include the semi-fluted bezel and the screw-in lugs.

Founded by the master watchmaker Gerd-Rüdiger Lang, the family business has managed to remain independent throughout its history. The people behind the brand give all their expertise and passion for each and every Chronoswiss watch. Genuine handcraft, true craftsmanship and the preservation of ancient traditions such as guilloche à main and enamel are the key values we are committed to.

Our Artist´s workshop in Lucerne

Unique Handcrafted Charm

In the digital age, mechanical watches are an anachronism in themselves; they simultaneously display their true values in addition to their high regard for special handcrafts. Small series such as the Artist’s Collection, with its high concentration of lavish handcrafted arts, only add to the awareness.

In Chronoswiss’ own workshop located at Lucerne, these ticking treasures are manufactured based on traditions that are hundreds of years old. More than 60 steps are needed before such a unique timepiece can begin to tick, each of which is extremely demanding.

From beginning to the end of an Artist’s Collection timepiece, only traditional methods and materials are used, handed down by the great-grandfathers of today’s masters of the trade. This is why no two watches are exactly alike.

One of the historical and rare machines used in this process is a rose engine from the year 1924, boasting origins in the Swiss city La Chaux-de-Fonds. Apart from the vintage machinery, filling the positions available in this workshop also presents a huge challenge: the artisans able to perform such traditional processes are as rare as the required machinery. Starting in summer 2014, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the sophisticated handcrafts and will be able to look over the watchmakers’ shoulder during their work.

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